Rapeseed Meal

Our high quality Rapeseed meal has excellence quality of Amino Acid which contributes to high nutritious value. It is used as ingredients for cattle and Poultry feeds.

The Production process includes efficient cleaning of seeds, extracting oil through expeller passing the cake to through solvent extraction plant, toasting drying the meal and immediate packing in clean and New 50 KG PP Bag.


Specfication Percentage
Moisture Content 10% Max
Protein Content 36% Min
Sand Silica Content 2.50% Max
Fiber Content 10% Max

Solvent Extracted Rapeseed Oil

Our Solvent oil which is prepared by straining food grade hexane under vacuum and controlled Temperature to the Mustard oil cake.

Specfication Percentage
FFA Content 2.0% Max
MIV Content 0.5% Max
GUMS Content 2.0% Max
Color Content 60

Expeller Mustard Oil

Expeller Mustard oil is prepared from clean, free from foreign matter good Indian mustard seed by press chillex technology with High Quality standards.

Specfication Percentage
Refractive index at 400C 1.465 to 1.467
lodine value 105 to 126
Saponification value 182-193
Unsaponifiable matter <20g/kg
Acid value <0.6
Bellier test <19.00C
Test for Argemone oil Negative